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Community Consciousness

In keeping with our mission statement, "The Hemet Heritage Foundation and Hemet Museum reach out to the public to illuminate and bring awareness to areas and subjects of historical interest to the people of Hemet and the San Jacinto Valley," we are committed to working with community leaders to foster a sense of pride in our community by maintaining a positive presence and teaching residents about our rich history and the strong individuals that built it.  Our hope is to help restore a warmer, more cooperative sense of community to the San Jacinto Valley.  The time has come for us to seriously, substantively, attend to the task of reviving the heart of Hemet, it's lovable "Downtown".  Come to our ever-improving Museum; spend some time there to enrich your understanding and appreciation of what an ideal community is.  We were there, not so long ago, and we can again be the "crowning jewel amid the foothills of Heaven" with your help and support.

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